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December 2, 2014
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Personal Trainer, Dance Fitness Instructor and Physique Competitor, Faye Edwards, tells us how she stays motivated to keep fit and what to expect from her Funky Fit session at the Fitness Blastoff!

Hi Faye, I know you've been in the fitness industry for a few years now, tell me what classes do you teach?

I have! It's been four years that I've been teaching Dance Fitness classes. I also teach Zumba, Body Blast, Body Conditioning, Body Pump, Spin, Legs Bums and Tums, F.I.T Jam, F.I.T Box and Boot Camp.

Wow! That's a long list of classes, no wonder why you are so fit! So tell me, what do you enjoy about working in the fitness industry?

The thing I enjoy most about working in the fitness industry is being able to do what I'm most passionate about; promoting health and fitness and inspiring people to get involved, be motivated and achieve their goals. It brings people together creating a great support network and a fun atmosphere. No matter what level of fitness you are, the industry has something for everyone.

I totally agree. So how do you stay motivated to keep fit?

For me, it's the feeling I get from being fit. By living an active lifestyle and eating healthy I feel strong, energised and happy. Keeping the hard work consistent definitely pays off. This has encouraged my clients, family and friends to make improvements in their lifestyles which also helps keep me highly motivated.

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