Five reasons you need to attend Afrobeats vs Dancehall fitness party

September 26, 2016
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Do you love to dance and workout? Enjoy dancing to Afro-Caribbean music? Are you free on Saturday 29 October between 12-2pm? Well you are in luck because the Fitness Blastoff are throwing yet another pop-up fitness dance party but this time we are going in with an Afrobeats vs Dancehall edition! Here's why you can't miss out...

Simple and easy to follow

We want you to join in and have a good time so we makesure the moves are easy to follow. It doesn't matter if you've never danced before, the moves are simply SIMPLE.

Club-like choreography

Some of our choreography will have you brukking out and shaking body like you're in a club. Yes we will add in some of the standard aerobic exercises BUT expect to dance, get down and let yourself go!

Add your own flava and freestyle

Our instructors will guide the workout but we always encourage you to add your own flava and style! We may even throw in a few freestyle moments to allow you to work with the beat in your own special way.

Non-stop music

This isn't your typical dance class where we go through the moves step by step and then play the music bit by bit. We let the music play and let the body flow non-stop. Okay slight exaggeration, you will get a few breaks here and there BUT expect to hear tunes playing and feel your hips shaking majority of the time.

Popular party tracks

There's nothing like attending a class and the instructor puts on your favourite tune. We play and exercise to popular party tracks to get you in the zone!


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