Healthy Afro-Caribbean dishes

October 12, 2016
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In light of of our upcoming Afrobeats vs Dancehall fitness dance workshop, we've put together a delicious list of Afro-Caribbean food from fellow Instagrammers that you should follow to give you healthy eating ideas whilst you still enjoy traditional African and Caribbean dishes. Tantalise your taste buds and have a look at the selection below...

Similar to the above but this time the jollof rice and plantain is accompanied with beef skewers made by @bitesbyrenny

Brown stew chicken topped with rice n peas with green salad from @cooklikeajamaican

@thatgirlcookshealthy created this mouth-watering Creole shrimp Jambalaya (a dish of Louisiana origin of Spanish and French influence). You can get the full recipe from her website.

Jerk salmon, organic mesclun salad with balsamic herb vinaigrette made by @misstskitchen in Ocho Rios

Fried breadfruit, pear (known as avocado) with ackee and saltfish made by @creativeajaykitchen calls this Planchetta, inspired by Italian Bruschetta. Good for appetizers and as a filling snack

@caribhaven posted this delicious Cuban classic: Pollo a la plancha, arroz amarillo, platanos maduros fritos, and ensalada.

@london_afro_vegan made this creative Caribbean rice & peas quinoa style with salad and a tangy bbq & coconut roasted cauliflower steak.

Cauliflower Jollof rice with black kale and suya spiced Salmon made by @waakyeleaf

Why not pop to POP Brixton after the class on Saturday 29 October and treat yourself to some of @mamasjerk?


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