Dance your way into spring with these workouts!

March 25, 2017
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There's only one week to go before we BLAST OFF into a fitness dance party like no other! Find out what to expect from each workouts and if you haven't booked your ticket - you better book now because we are almost SOLD OUT! All workouts will run back to back, are 25-mins long and most importantly are simple and fun!

Get jiggy and mash up di place

Alicja presents Mash it Up Fitness - a fresh dance fitness concept that will have you learning authentic Jamaican dance moves to upbeat Dancehall tracks. This low impact and high energy workout will have you learning a range of moves which will form into a simple, fun and short dancehall choreography making your confidence ooze!

Cut calories and cut shapes instead

Kassidy presents House Dance - a shuffling session and a time for you to learn how to cut shapes. This class will take you through the basic House dance styles and steps. There’s a lot of footwork involved so forget leg day and come and shuffle into shape with us. A fun dance class with a hint of fitness making you feel cool!

Hold up your foot and jump

Andrea presents Soca fitness - a high energy Caribbean fitness class! Add some spice to your workout with the sweet sound of Soca and get ready to work your entire body. You’ll be taken through a simple dance fitness routine that’ll make you feel like going to the next carnival. This class is a complete calorie burner, is lively and make you feel upbeat!

This is how we do it

Amelia presents Supafresh - an old skool Hip-Hop dance class with plenty of swag! You'll be taken right back to the 80's and 90's, to the days of Naughty by Nature, to kick it old skool and learn Hip-Hop moves from back in the day! This dance class is for all levels and all the moves will be broken down into small sections to form a simple Hip-Hop choreography - making you feel groovy.

Forget the scales and just shake body

Kwaku presents Azonto Fitness - a unique African-inspired fitness workout where you'll shake your body to some upbeat and modern Afrobeat tunes. The class incorporates the body movements of the Azonto dance and other African dance moves with a simple fitness routine. Fun and fit at the same time and making you feel energised.

We have the cure for that fever XOXO

Shallahni presents Bashment Dance - Our second dancehall class of the afternoon where you’ll get down bashment style! You'll learn how to get down and work with those sexy and bashy bashment beats. This class is simply a moment to enjoy the music and follow some modern dancehall moves, taken through a series of different dance moves - making you feel sexy.

Incredible! Big up the jungle massive crew

Faye presents F.I.T JAM - a fun dance fitness concept, with simple routines broken down in stages to a range of music genres from Dancehall to House. However, this time, Faye will be delivering her F.I.T JAM session to Jungle music and will have you shouting Incredible by the end of the session. The energy is so upbeat you will forget that you’re working out. An easy to follow choreography which will make you feel hyper!

Let your body groove

Karla presents UK Garage fitness - a simple and upbeat dance fitness session to UK Garage music. You'll be taken through a high-energy exercises, with simple aerobic steps combined with a touch of dance and the two-finger skank making you feel


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