Dancehall queens for life

August 9, 2017
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So on Saturday 5 August, it really popped off (in a good way of course) at Pop Brixton. The Soca vs Dancehall fitness pop-up party was insane, from the dance moves to the hoop contest.

Our ladies were on another level - so full of life and positive energy.

Standing back and watching everyone:

  • smile as the bassline of the Dancehall song Bruk Back filled the air
  • laugh as the ladies endlessly tried to crack the move without literally breaking any backs (don't worry - our instructors always teach the safe way)
  • cheer each other on during the freestyle Dancehall queen session

was just amazing!

Loved how each girl took to the middle to show off their Dancehall moves! And our instructor Shelaine tore up the dance floor when she bust into the splits! I was thinking - damn I wish I could do that?!

Even after a hardcore Dancehall session, the ladies were given a 5-minute break to rest and recover but as soon as the Soca touched those speakers - the ladies touched the floor again for more whining and wukking during what was meant to be their break. All I heard were screams and all I saw were blurs of movement - what 5-minute break???

The Soca session as you can imagine was intense, high energy and more fitness - a great workout with Karla to upbeat music.

And then we had there was the Hula Hoop contest.

The girl who managed to keep the hoop up the longest would win a Powerhoop slim hoop along with powergloves and one of their workout DVDs.

We had two girls hooping simultaneously and after 8 girls were unsuccessful in keeping the hoop up no longer than 10 seconds - our last two girls had us wondering if we'd ever leave.

Their level of hula hooping was next level. After 2-minutes passed we were looking at each other like - Okay? Are we ever going to leave his place lol.

Finally one gave in after we mad

e the contest slightly harder for our two fabulous hoppers and we had our winner (pictured below)! Not only did she win a Powerhoop but a free ticket to attend another Soca fitness party called Sweat in The City!!! All in all it was fun, fit and fantastic.

Big up to both instructors, Karla and Shelaine for their amazing energy and to the lovely ladies for their good energy and vibes.

Don't forget to save the date for our next fitness party - The Afrobeats Blast - 4pm Saturday 30 September. More details coming soon.


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