An explosive dance fitness experience

January 9, 2018
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Guess what? It's back and this time it will be bigger and better than before.

The Fitness Blastoff is an explosive fitness dance experience. We turn your workout into a part-ay!

Picture this - a large, lowlit venue, lit up with the flicker of LED club lights and turnt up with the baddest basslines.

Then there's the array of dance fitness presenters who take centre stage, to wuk it up and bruk it down - taking you on a fun and easy to follow choreographed and entertaining dance workout.

Our resident DJ, DJ Self, spins and mixes the latest in Dancehall and Afrobeats to 90s Garage and Funky House.

Then if you ever feel like a pick me up or a refuel at any point, help yourself to some fresh and healthy light refreshments around the room before you hit that dance fitness floor again.

To is:

  • a party in the daytime but still feels like night.
  • a dance where everyone dances like nobody's watching.
  • a place where you can feel free to vibes how you want to vibes.

Just simply, turn up, tun up and tone up to the music you love.

Come dance, workout and party Fitness Blastoff style on Saturday 7 April 2018 - you won't regret it.

Find out how you can book your ticket.


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