Why you should attend our BIG bash

February 19, 2018
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For those of you who haven’t attended a Fitness Blastoff dance party, you could be asking why should you attend this dance fitness event - what makes it different from the rest?

The atmosphere is incredible! We are talking, dimmed lights, LED lighting effects, a live DJ, loud music and groups of fun loving individuals together having fun with no pressure whatsoever!

The music is great. It’s all the kinds of music you’ll find when or if you go out clubbing with your girls, instead we are working out to them in a less pressured environment. You will find genres of music from Dancehall and Soca to Hip-Hop and 90s Garage.

The presenters are good at what they do and have the ability to make you feel at ease while learning new moves and having a great time!

If you want to dance without the pressure of following a complex routine, then you’ll love this event. The dance moves are simple and easy to follow. As long as you’re active and having a BLAST - that’s what matters.

There’s plenty of opportunities to show off your own moves with dance freestyle sessions and breaks in between each workout.

There will be light refreshments to keep you fueled throughout all these workouts such as fruits and other healthy snacks. Also, because it’s our five year anniversary, this year, we have teamed up with Jerk Spice who will be selling tasty jerk chicken as well as a vegetarian option, as a treat after you’ve finished your workout.


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