Work, work, work and then eat some jerk

March 9, 2018
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Come dance, workout and party at the Fitness Blastoff's BIG Bash on Saturday 7 April. Then once it's all over, go grab yourself some jerk from the roof terrace! Find out more about this unique fitness dance party below!

So this year, we are celebrating five years of the Fitness Blastoff and this time round, we have teamed up with Jerk Spice Street Food vendor, who will add spice to this year's event through the taste of flavoursome Caribbean cuisine. So after you've completed a marathon of dance and fitness, go ahead and treat yourself to a portion of Jerk Spice's authentic and affordable food out on the roof terrace at Oval Space in Bethnal Green. Work out and then jerk it up!

Here is what they will provide on the day:

Jerk Chicken: a popular Jamaican dish which will come straight from the BBQ. You can have this either shredded (off the bone) or on the bone accompanied with some Jerk sauce

Brown Stew Chicken: flavoursome and rich seasoned, browned chicken mixed in with a range of vegetables like peppers, onions and carrots, adding to the flavour

Vegetable Brown Stew: a dish suitable for both vegans and vegetarians which includes the same process as the brown stew chicken but without the meat. This time the brown stew will include a variety of vegetables including potatoes

You can buy these mains as a full meal with either rice and peas or with just plain white rice which comes with either mixed salad or coleslaw.

Or you can always have a carb-free option and and buy a main with a side dish such as Jerk chicken with mixed salad.

Have a look at the menu below to get an idea of the prices

And that's not all...

In addition to this, we will have a:

  • Fruit punch station: Chargeable
  • Healthy fruit platter: Free of Charge
  • Nutty snacks provided by The Nutty Group: Free of Charge

Find out more here:


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