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March 13, 2018
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I am so excited to be using Oval Space to host this year's Fitness Blastoff BIG Bash! I've used a few other venues in the past BUT this one is perfect for this year's BIG Bash for the following reasons:

Location: Oval Space is in the heart of East London, next to four main stations (Hoxton, Bethnal Green, Cambridge Heath and Shoreditch High Street), all of which are a short walk or bus ride to the venue.

State of the art sound system: Listening to music during a workout is a must and I am pleased to say that Oval Space have a state of the art system that will make us want to dance, workout and party all afternoon.

A roof terrace: After your workout, you may want to chillax before heading home and the roof terrace will be the perfect place to do that. The roof terrace comes with seating areas where you can catch up with your friends, network with others, eat some food and take in some fresh air after a BLAST of dancing and partying before the sun sets.

Club-lighting: We turn your workout into a party and this venue will give us that party vibe with AV lighting. So it won't feel like a workout, but like you're in a club - so you'll be dancing, keeping active, burning calories, whilst having a BLAST with other like-minded people!

Don't miss out - this event only happens huge once a year, so come on down and join in on the fun.


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