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April 9, 2018
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Who doesn’t love a party with great people and good music? But what about one with dance instructors? One where every single body in the room is grooving. Your typical night out doesn’t usually include dance instructors, but do you know that there is a trend, by the name of Fitness Blastoff, that does?

It’s 12:45pm at Oval Space, a versatile events space with a roof terrace in the heart of East London and all I hear is banging beats overhead. I’m already excited. Walking into the reception area there are these pink bright lights, good tunes playing, friendly reception staff and just generally a positive and fun vibe. As I walked through the reception area I see a poster giving me the right advice “Turn your workout into a PART-AYYYY” - the concept of the Fitness Blastoff. Okay - I’m ready to try something new - let’s see what this is all about.

After checking in, which was very straightforward, I grab myself a whistle and run upstairs to join the rest of the party. As I enter the corridor I hear louder, bassier music and I’m instantly intrigued. I open the double doors and I see what can only be described as a daytime rave. A dimly lit room, with pink laser club lights, a live DJ mixing some banging beats and everyone dressed in their funky fitness attire, bobbing to the music! The atmosphere is intense and might I add, that there’s no alcohol - only a platter of healthy snacks and fruits - but yet people were on a high - love it!

I’m greeted as I walk into the room by the lovely Fitness Blastoff team. The attendees are mainly women, but there are a few men here too, everyone just seems excited. Some are lining up at the glitter station while watching another receive an intricate design from Tina Brown, the Makeup Artist, others are dancing, others are chatting while some sit patiently for the event to begin. Me, I’m in awe by the bright lights and everything, - I’m excited. I just cannot believe this is exists - where have I been?

The founder of the Fitness Blastoff, Selena Brown-Donkor welcomes everyone and thanks us all for coming, we do a warm up accompanied by old school RnB tunes. After that - Supafresh Dance Movement took the stage like a boss and ran a Hip Hop dance fitness session. They were dancing to tunes that really took me back (Think Jump by Kriss Kross OR Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison). The squad’s vibe is contagious and I learned how to do the Kick Ball Change - all smiles.

Now, it’s Kwaku from Azonto Fitness running an Afrobeats fitness session, called Azonto Fitness and the ladies love him - pure screams as he enters the stage. He gave us a great session - upbeat, easy to follow moves, current tunes and an overall great energy. Nafura from Wuk Up Academy came on next and she delivers a Soca dance workout, I literally feel like I’m at carnival with all the whining, whistles and waving of the flags! I love this session as it was super intense and really fun. After the Soca workout, there’s a 15-min break and boy was it needed - but I was wrong. The DJ continues to mix old and new Soca tracks and the crowd can’t help but still dance and party. Just when I thought they might have wanted to sit and have a rest, everyone just wants to continue to dance. There are lots of small breaks in between each dance workout and during the breaks, everyone took this as a great chance to dance as if nobody was watching them.

After the break, Fresh Az Ice dance crew were the next presenters and they ran a Dancehall workout. Man was it fun! I’m learning Dancehall steps such as Bogle, Fling Yuh Shoulder, Genna Bounce and more. The energy was great and even their very own DJ, couldn’t help himself and comes to join the crew on the stage to dance too! Up next Karla Richards runs a Funky House and Grime workout and MATE this is intense, but luckily the music was so upbeat and Karla’s motivation and interaction with us all, gets me through it. Lastly Faye Edwards, takes to the stage and runs a 90's Garage session. This session is fun, easy to follow and a great way to finish up after all the other dance styles. Each presenter was incredible in their own rights, and really got the crowd moving. I had an amazing time. I’ve never been to a party where every single person in the room is dancing and on a high with no alcohol - result!

As it was the Fitness Blastoff’s fifth year anniversary, there was also Jerk Spice, a street food vendor, selling a nice selection of food on the roof terrace. So after an afternoon of dancing, we all got to refuel and socialise on the terrace, before heading home.

It’s safe to say that this event went off with a BANG and Fitness Blastoff have really perfected the mix of turning your workout into a party!

Sounds like something you’d enjoy? The next Fitness Blastoff pop-up party will be ‘Trap and Twerk’, taking place on Saturday 19 May at POP Brixton. Keep your eyes peeled for more information and updates.


The Fitness Blastoff is a fitness dance party experience for men and women based in London, UK. Working with dance fitness presenters to bring an explosive mix of unique, fresh and lively workouts in a club-like atmosphere making you feel energised, excited and ready to have a blast! For more information head over to the website www.fitnessblastoff.com or contact Founder Selena at info@fitnessblastoff.com


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