5 Reasons to bring your friends to a Fitness Blastoff Dance Party!

September 5, 2018
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This year, we are celebrating five years of fitness, dance and partying and we'd like you and your friends to come and join us! It's going to be our BIG Bash, it's going to be another BLAST of a fitness party and we know that it's going to be extra lively, when you come with your friends - here's why:

  • Exercising to music can distract you from the pain of muscle fatigue. Your friends are pretty interesting too! Imagine how much fatigue you can ignore with them combined!
  • When we workout with our friends our workout time and intensity is increased by up to 200 percent, we can burn up to 236 calories compared to 195 calories for those who workout alone.
  • Attending a Fitness Blastoff Dance party with your friends means you won't feel alone, which leaves you free to have a blast with those closest to you AND you can meet some great new people too
  • Studies have shown that 95% of people who started a weight loss program with their friends actually completed the program, in comparison with 76% of people who tacked the program alone.
  • Friends who train together can definitely drink together! Imagine how many joint calories you can burn together to make room for an evening of drinks with the girls!

Dance and workout with your friends at our upcoming fitness dance party on Saturday 6 October at 229 the venue in Central London.

Head on over to the tickets page and book your group tickets (Available in groups of 5s and 10s)!

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