4 ways to recruit members to your group

September 8, 2018
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So the Fitness Blastoff is in exactly FOUR weeks time and you've tagged your friends in videos, texted them all the information and told them all the exciting stuff about the event BUT are still waiting for that YES I WILL COME WITH YOU reply!

We know how challenging it can be for be the person trying to get everyone together. So to help, we've put together four tips that will help you gather a troupe and book in a group.

Sell the benefits What will your friend get out of the event by attending? Think about what they will say "yes" to and then tell and sell it to them. Show them previous event footage that will get them saying "ohhh hell yeahhh"!

Create a whats app group The best way to initially get everyone together is by creating a whats app group. Add all group members and post all the event information in the group on a regular basis to keep it in people's mind.

Recruit on Facebook Are you looking for ONE more person, so that you can get that discount for a group of 10? Then post in our Facebook event page and do a callout to see if anyone else attending the event would like to join your group. You never know, someone may just respond!

Collect everyone's money

Collect everyone's ticket money from the start and book the tickets yourself.

Once you've got your group together, book those group tickets and come and dance, workout and party with your friends at our BIG Bash.

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