Five things I've taken away from this Fitness Blastoff BIG Bash

October 14, 2018
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On Saturday 6 October 2018, we took over 229 the venue for over five hours in the afternoon to dance, whine, twerk and party HARD. Each event is always different and here’s what I’ve taken away from this one in particular…

The stage is where the party is at

This whole time I thought the party was on the dancefloor. That was until, Bami from Bam Bam Boogie broke the rules and invited the Fitness Blastoff posse on the stage to twerkout. I walked into a half empty dance floor and a completely full stage filled with women twerking and shaking their asses to Cardi B whilst Bami cheers her fearless females whilst vigorously shaking that ass. I guess we might need a bigger stage for the next event.

Shaking your ass is actually a workout - believe it or not

When you think of twerking, you may not think it’s a proper workout BUT believe it or not, it actually is. You are in a somewhat static squat hold position 70% of the time, an isometric exercise which will improve the strength in your legs. Then on top of that, you have to move your hips so that your ass shakes, wobbles and jiggles. Then you need to work out if it’s ACTUALLY your ass that’s shaking or your BACK. Mate - it’s a workout. You will feel it in your lower back muscles, thighs and glutes.

Do we need a Dancehall Fitness Blastoff BIG Bash?

Whenever Ashdon and Miss Rose deliver Dancehall at the Fitness Blastoff, I swear I’m always learning a new move. Being of Jamaican descent and a lover of Dancehall music, I thought I knew all the moves BUT NO, there are sooooo many dancehall steps, that I’m learning something new each and every time. With that being said, I feel like we need a whole event just dedicated to learning pure Dancehall moves. What do you think?

You have to have some strength to take on Soca

Mate, that 25-min Soca dance workout from Wuk Up Academy got me thinking about how much strength and stamina you need to take on them Soca moves. Soca is so energetic and can be very fast-paced. All the whining, wukking up, jumping - you have to have stamina to keep up, so well done to all the ladies who participated in the Soca workout and who still continued to jump up during that 5-min break. Where do you get that stamina from? Them two days at carnival must be an easy ride for you 🙂

We need more pictures like this

Love this image! Good one Faye and shout out to our event photographer, Kevin, for capturing this shot at the right time.

So on that note, dance a little more and go follow these amazing dance fitness presenters and find out where and when they teach.

Faye Edwards

Let your body groove and go join @fayes_fitness


Pop dat booty with @bambam_boogie

Wuk Up Academy

Whine and wuk a little more with @wukupacademy

Azonto Fitness

Azonto and enjoy Afrobeats with Kwaku from @azontofitness

Caramel Soldier

March to the beat of her drum - follow Caramel Soldier

Fresh Az Ice

Learn cool Dancehall dance steps with @fresh_az_ice

Marta Costa

Shake yo hips and rick to the rhythms of reggaeton with @martacostafitness

Supafresh Dance Movement

Feel supa and fresh and follow @amelia_aramu_supafresh_dm

The next event is currently underway, check our website for more updates shortly.

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