5 reasons to attend Dance Cardio Blast

December 6, 2018
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We are kick-starting 2019 with a BANG at our Dance Cardio Blast session on Saturday 5 January at Pop Brixton in South East London from 1pm - 3pm. Here are FIVE fabulous reasons why you should join us!

One: Work off the Christmas meals Exercise and work off some of that indulgence over the Christmas period. The workouts on offer will allow you to burn up to 700 calories!

Two: Learn how to develop good habits Find out how you can remove those annoying habits that hold you back from meeting your fitness goals. Learn how to develop positive habits that will change your life for the better, helping you to become healthy, active and develop a positive mindset.

Three: Burn calories and tone! Take part in 3 varied workouts led by three dance fitness instructors that will burn calories and tone your muscles. The workouts include dance circuits, dance fitness (UK Garage) and an upbeat body conditioning session all to fun party tracks!

Four: Kick-start your fit and healthy new year goals If your new year goal has anything to do with being active, healthy and fit then kick-start your 2019 with us! We know how hard it can be to stick to an exercise regime, but we make it fun for you that you'll forget you're even working out.

Five: Enjoy a well deserved glass of Prosecco after your workout It's the New Year and as well as keeping healthy and active, it's also a chance to celebrate life and being you. With that, we'll be giving everyone a well earned taste of Prosecco after your workout.

Find out more information about this pop-up event and get ready to have a BLAST with us!

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