Natalie Remee confirmed to present Soca

March 4, 2019
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Excited to announce that Soca Instructor Natalie Remee, will be embracing the stage at the upcoming Fitness Blastoff event in April 2019, with her high-energy carnival vibes.


She'll be bringing all Fitness Blastoff event-goers a vibrant workout that will target the whole body and leave attendees feeling like they had just attended Notting Hill Carnival.


Natalie is a Personal Trainer and an International fitness presenter, delivering her Soca dance workouts at other UK fitness events and weekenders.


Founder of the Fitness Blastoff, Selena Brown-Donkor says, "I've heard some great things about Natalie and have also seen her in action on her Instagram account. Let's just say, that the attendees will have their work cut out for them during this session. Soca is fun and high-energy and from what I've witnessed, Natalie will definitely bring it".


This is the first time Natalie will be delivering her Soca session at the Fitness Blastoff on Saturday 6 April 2019. If you're in need of some carnival vibes, then don't forget to bring your flags, whistles and be prepared to really whine and work during this session.


,Book your ticket to attend our BIG dance fitness party experience on Saturday 6 April.



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