Kwaku is back with AzontoFitness

March 12, 2019
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For all you Afrobeat lovers, we are excited to announce that Kwaku Agyemang, the Founder and Creator of Afrobeats workout, Azonto Fitness, will be back at the Fitness Blastoff on Saturday 6 April 2019.


Kwaku, is a qualified Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer, Father of 3 with a passion for afrobeats and fitness. He used his passion to create AzontoFitness and in his spare time, delivers weekly workouts in his local community and is a UK Afrobeats Fitness Presenter, delivering Afrobeat workouts at fitness parties.


"Kwaku has been with the Fitness Blastoff pretty much since the start, going back 4 or 5 years now" says Selena Brown-Donkor, Fitness Blastoff Founder. "The ladies love his energy, his vibe and most importantly, his workout. He makes working out fun because the music is always up-to-date and the moves are very easy to follow, which is what we love about AzontoFitness."


Kwaku will be back on Saturday 6 April to deliver his fun afrobeats workout. So if you love Afrobeats and want a great workout from a great instructor, then come and join in on Saturday 6 April. in a new tab)

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