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May 2, 2019
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Do you know what helps to really make the Fitness Blastoff fun? It's the dance fitness instructors and the energy they bring to the event. Excited to announce that all dance fitness instructors have been confirmed for the Dancehall vs Soca dance fitness event on Saturday 3 August and they are all great in their own way. Find out more about these leading and lively instructors below and what they'll bring to the event.

Meet Natalie Remme

This FIT QUEEN is a Personal Trainer, a Fitness Presenter, the QUEEN of abs, a Mum of 2 beautiful children and she LOVES to lift - I mean, just check out that body of hers! She is passionate about fitness and group exercise and we are excited that she will be joining the Fitness Blastoff Dancehall vs Soca dance fitness party on Saturday 3 August. Natalie will deliver a high-energy Soca fitness workout. Get ready to really burn those calories in this total body workout to some upbeat soca tunes!

Meet Faye Edwards

Another FIT QUEEN who lives and breathes anything dance and fitness. Faye is a Group Exercise Manager for Third Space, a TOP Fitness Presenter and Personal Trainer! She is also the creator of her own dance fitness brand called, F.I.T JAM, a fun dance concept to a range of music. She'll be running the second Soca dance fitness session at the Fitness Blastoff event on Saturday 3 August. Faye's session will get you ready for carnival, so get ready to shake your hips and whine your waist like a carnival and Caribbean queen to upbeat Soca and Calypso classics!

Meet Fresh Az Ice

Fresh Az Ice are a Jamaican Dancehall dance group based in South London who come with their own LIVE DANCEHALL DJ. They are passionate about their culture and currently spread their love of Dancehall music and moves through their weekly classes and at events across London. Both Ashdon and Miss Rose from Fresh Az Ice, will deliver an upbeat Dancehall steps session at the Fitness Blastoff event on Saturday 3 August. This steps class will focus on popular dance moves from the midskool and new skool dancehall era. Trust me, it's a total body workout and will have you moving like you're at one of those Jamaican street parties. So if you love dancehall and want to learn the popular party dancehall steps, put your foot on the gas and get there. Let's ROCK DI WORLD together!

Meet Jess Baddie

Jessica, known as JESS BADDIE, is a professional dancehall dancer, choreographer and model all the way from Italy. She is passionate about dance and regularly travels to Jamaica and Africa to not only soak up the sun, but to soak in their vibes, dance grooves and flow. You'll find Jessie teaching in London every week as well as performing at a number of events nationally and internationally. On Saturday 3 August at our next event, Jess Baddie will be leading the second Dancehall session. She'll deliver a BADASS Dancehall female steps session. So get ready to express your sensuality and femininity whilst having a BLAST to party and club-like dancehall bangers! So, if you're ready to WINE TO DI TOP and do the ONE DROP, then come and join in!

In addition to these amazing dance fitness instructors, there will also be a glitter station, a LIVE DJ and a fun freestyle session.

Remember that there are only a limited amount of tickets left, be sure to grab yours soon before they are all gone!


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