Burn calories, Caribbean style this summer

May 3, 2019
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Updated: Jul 22, 2019

This summer, Fitness Blastoff will be bringing you another BIG dance fitness party experience. This time the event theme is Dancehall vs Soca, happening on Saturday 3 August in Central London. The month of August will be hot and tropical, just like the two genres of music we'll be working out to. So if you want to burn calories, Caribbean style, here's why you can't miss it.


What's the Fitness Blastoff?
The Fitness Blastoff is a dance fitness party experience which takes place throughout the year in London. We collaborate with the best dance fitness instructors and DJs, to turn your workout into a party. The event attracts hundreds of individuals who want to dance, have fun and workout in state-of-the-art music venues. Please note that the age range to attend is 16 and over.


Here's a snippet of what went down at one of the previous events. Watch the video to get in the mood for the next one.


The Fitness Blastoff is more than just a fitness party. It prides itself on bringing you a unique dance and fitness experience. The whole structure and setup of the event will make you realise, that being active and exercise, can actually be lots of fun!

Where will it be?The event will take place at 229 the venue in Great Portland Street, Central London on Saturday 3 August. It's an events space hosting everything we need to turn your workout into a party.

Who's presenting?The event collaborates with and hosts some of the best dance fitness instructors. These instructors have years of experience in delivering amazing dance fitness sessions. They also come with great energy to keep your motivation levels up. Confirmed presenters are:

  • Faye Edwards, Group Exercise Manager at Third Space, Personal Trainer and Founder of F.I.T JAM dance fitness. She'll be delivering Soca dance fitness routine to old skool Soca classics
  • Jess Baddie, Professional Dancehall Dancer who will be delivering female Dancehall steps to popular, party Dancehall tracks
  • Natalie Remee will also deliver her Soca fitness session. She is a qualified Personal and Fitness Trainer with a wealth of experience in the fitness industry.
  • Fresh Az Ice delivering a Dancehall segment. They are an experienced Dancehall dance group from South East London. Expect to learn the most poplar dancehall dance steps.

What people say about Fitness Blastoff events?

Why you should attend?

You should attend if you:

  • like to dance
  • enjoy attending fitness and dance classes
  • want to change up your fitness routine for an afternoon
  • love a good party and to have fun
  • learn new dance moves to show off at your next club night
  • hang out with a friendly crowd

I want to attend!That's great to hear! Makesure you grab yourself a ticket today.


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