Tickets released for Fitness Blastoff London

January 18, 2020
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Working out is fun but when you add upbeat music and party vibes to the mix, then you know it's going to be the BEST workout ever!

That is why I am so excited to tell you that tickets for the next BIG Fitness Blastoff party experience are released.

The event will be held on Saturday 4th April 2020 at 229 the venue in Great Portland Street from 12pm - 6pm. Pssshhh, talk about a long day BUT trust me, it will not feel like it at all. The beauty of the Fitness Blastoff is that you can take part in as little or as many of the sessions as you feel like. To be honest, the music, the vibes and the instructors are all so amazing that it'll get to 5pm and you'll still be shaking your tail-feather

Anyhow, if you want to still keep up with your fitness goals in April, then you can surely treat yourself to this FABULOUS combo of dance, working out, music and partying. It will feel like a night out instead of a work out. You'll leave wanting more - guaranteed! One of our regular attendees, Katrina, did almost 10,000 steps at the April 2019 event [see below] and she left early - imagine how many steps you can achieve by completing the whole event? Plus, you'll be burning up to or maybe even more than 1,000 calories - AND you don't have to do a soul crushing hour on the treadmill to get there. It's all fun vibes!

A limited amount of super early bird tickets are on sale! Once these are sold out, then the ticket prices will gradually increase.

Be sure to get your crew ready and get those tickets booked.

Looking forward to seeing you there already.

Selena xx


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