Facts about Black Music History

October 22, 2020
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At the Fitness Blastoff we love to workout and dance to some of the HOTTEST party tracks within black music culture including Dancehall, Afrobeats, and Soca, to name a few. So for Black History Month, I wanted to continue to learn more about the history of some of these trendy music genres we love to move to and share it.

I used the first week in October, to do some research from various sources and highlight some of the key facts about these genres, and to celebrate their existence. Without these genres, we wouldn't have as much fun as we do in classes or at events. If you love to learn and are intrigued to find out more about the history and growth of the music genres you love to groove to, then keep on reading. 

I shared 5 facts about 6 music genres on the Fitness Blastoff Instagram page in the first week of October. I've listed each post below. Click on the small arrow within the Video, to see the five facts! Happy reading

5 Facts About Soca

From Calpyso to Sokah to Soca 

5 Facts About Dancehall

From Dance Hall to Dancehall

5 Facts About Reggaeton

From Panama to Puerto Rico

5 Facts About Afrobeats

From Afrobeat to Afrobeats

5 facts about Hip-Hop

From the Bronx to the world

5 Facts About UK Garage

From US Garage to UK Garage


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