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March 16, 2021
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Selena Brown

After five months of hard work, I’m excited to announce the launch of the new Fitness Blastoff website - And, not only is it a website, it is a digital dance fitness library, a platform where existing customers can access some of their favourite dance fitness workouts delivered by some of the instructors from the Fitness Blastoff family.

The goal of the website is to give users access to the workouts to do in their own time. It’s great for people who:

  • want to continue working out from home
  • feel more comfortable with working out from home
  • want to gain more confidence learning new dance fitness styles in their own space
  • don’t have enough time or who can’t travel to a gym or a studio due to other commitments

Users can choose to join either the free or premium membership area. The free membership will give users a taster with six dance fitness workout videos from myself. Whereas the Premium area is for users who want access to variety - a variety of workouts from other instructors.

What I love and am really excited about for the premium area is that it is a growing library of workouts. So although currently, there are a small number of videos to access, over the coming months, that number will change as users will get to access even more videos!

Why a digital dance fitness library?

When COVID-19 happened, I took the Fitness Blastoff online and continued to organise and deliver several virtual dance fitness classes and events for people to enjoy. Members would join live on Zoom to take part in various workouts. They were also able to access the workout recordings in the Zoom cloud servers for a limited time afterwards. This proved to be popular during feedback sessions with customers.

As more requests for the recorded workouts increased, it made sense to host all the recordings on one platform where members would have unlimited access to do their favourite dance fitness recordings from the Fitness Blastoff family. The website was in need of an update anyway, so I decided why not turn it into something useful for members. It's still a work in progress and I'm sure feedback will be coming in and there will be plenty of improvements to make. But in the meantime, it meets a customer need, which was the aim of this project.

The one thing I'm excited about is updating the library with new workouts over time so that it can be a great online experience for existing and prospective members.

Thanks to the team at Ark Digital Agency for helping me bring the vision to life.


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