At the Fitness Blastoff we love to workout and dance to some of the HOTTEST party tracks within black music culture including Dancehall, Afrobeats, and Soca, to name a few. So for Black History Month, I wanted to continue to learn more about the history of some of these trendy music genres we love to move to and share it.

I used the first week in October, to do some research from various sources and highlight some of the key facts about these genres, and to celebrate their existence. Without these genres, we wouldn't have as much fun as we do in classes or at events. If you love to learn and are intrigued to find out more about the history and growth of the music genres you love to groove to, then keep on reading. 

I shared 5 facts about 6 music genres on the Fitness Blastoff Instagram page in the first week of October. I've listed each post below. Click on the small arrow within the Video, to see the five facts! Happy reading

5 Facts About Soca

From Calpyso to Sokah to Soca 

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5 Facts About Dancehall

From Dance Hall to Dancehall

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5 Facts About Reggaeton

From Panama to Puerto Rico

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5 Facts About Afrobeats

From Afrobeat to Afrobeats

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5 facts about Hip-Hop

From the Bronx to the world

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5 Facts About UK Garage

From US Garage to UK Garage

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As a mum you have a thousand things to juggle - children, work, home, family and more. It's hard to balance it all. When do you get the time to let your hair down? When was the last time you had a night off and a night out? You can move too and we're not talking about moving your children's toys from the living room to their bedroom. We mean, you can move and shake a leg too!

I know what you're thinking, the late nights, the dressing up, the heels, the alcohol, then there's the dreaded hangover - well hold your horses and hang up your heels because you no longer have to worry about all that. You clearly haven't heard of the Fitness Blastoff...

Late nights and high heels? Not with The Fitness Blastoff, a daytime dance party which will allow you to get the early night you dream of and feel refreshed on Sunday to prep for the week ahead. Plus, you can wear your pumps, trainers, jogging bottoms, leggings and t-shirt. That's right, come comfy and convenient for you.

No children, no cares and catch-up with the girls! An upbeat, carefree zone of fun, you can show off all your old school moves and you don't have to do it alone. This is the perfect place to grab the girls, to take some time for yourself and let your hair down! No children, No cares, No worries! Just you and a group of like-minded women all searching for a great time! Isn’t that what we all want?

The ultimate sober raving experience. No need for alcohol, we will have a DJ on decks booming some hot beats, an amazing lineup of dance presenters ready to take you through your paces and teach you new moves, then there will be amazing food provided by Jerk Spice Street Food Vendor, which you can refuel on after an amazing couple of hours of dancing your cares away.

So come and join us and various of ladies and move to the music you love. Take a day off and book your tickets.

Remember - You deserve a break, you've still got it and yes you are a Mum, but you can move too!


Here at the Fitness Blastoff, we love dancing to Dancehall and have worked with a few instructors who have taught our attendees a few good moves. Here are some tips to keep in mind when dancing to Dancehall.

Do di dance

In Dancehall, the dance moves are just as important as the music. They both feed off each other perfectly. Most of the dance styles were made inline with the music - so remember when di song plays, do di dance nuh man!

Move with meaning

Just like with any other dance - dance like you mean it and put passion into your step. The one thing I love about Dancehall is the array of moves, the meaning behind those moves and the attitude and energy that comes with those moves. So buss di place and dance like you mean it.

Ride di riddim

Most dancehall songs come with a specific dance move. The dance moves ride well with the riddim. So when you dance, feel the beat, experience the rhythm and get your flow. Express yourself alongside the bashy bassline.

Relax, unite and big up yuhself

Dancing is a huge part of the Jamaican culture. Jamaican people love a good dance and party - I'd like to say, it's their way of uniting, relaxation and enjoyment. When the music is blazing, people dance (no matter whose watching) and others surround and cheer them on - even on the streets. So, with that being said - relax and enjoy.

Okay we said 4 tips, but here's one last one 🙂

It’s more than just the whine and the behind

Even though we like it - remember, there are an array of Dancehall moves which involves moving all other parts of your body other than whining and the behind 🙂 Don’t forget the days of Bogle aka Mr Wacky who was and still is famous for making up dances that make you feel like you’re doing a cardio fitness workout in a rave. So be prepared for a complete body workout.

Want to dance to Dancehall? Join us this Saturday 27 January for our Dancehall fitness pop-up party - Ketch Di Dance!


2017 was a fantastic year for the Fitness Blastoff. We bruk it down, wuk it up, worked out, sweated buckets, danced, laughed and partied hard. We were grateful that you were a part of it! Have a look at some of highlights from 2017, what to expect for 2018 and how you can get involved!

500+ attendees came to party, workout and have a BLAST with us!

We delivered 5 dance fitness events including 1 BIG bash

Booked our first hen party of 20+ hens who brought the bride-to-be to wuk it up and bruk it down before the big day

5 star reviews and positive testimonials

"My hen party attended Fitness Blastofff yesterday for a 5 hour marathon & we LOVED it!! It was so much fun, really good vibes, good instructors & the type of music we would all rave to. Thanks for a great experience!!"

"LOVE IT! Fun and fitness rolled up in one!"

Sponsored by Powerhoop UK who provided us with a hula hoop and London Devine supplied 2 pair luxury ankara leggings for our lucky ladies.

Worked with up to 10 amazing dance fitness presenters.

Alicja Blachut, Amelia Aramu, Kwaku Ageymang, Karla Richards, Faye Edwards, Shelaine Prince, Verone Patterson, Andrea ChaCha, Shallahni Rose and Kassidy Chaplin for delivering the best in Hip-Hop, Soca, House, UK Garage, Jungle, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Afrohouse.

Received this great blog from the lovely Joy Ogude about the Fitness Blastoff Bash!

We from the Fitness Blastoff would like to say a massive thank you to all attendees, supporters, sponsors and to every single dance fitness presenter who have worked with us. 2017 was a great year.

What will be HOT for 2018?

Well so far we are kicking off the year with our Ketch Di Dance Dancehall fitness pop-up party on Saturday 27 January. Then the return of the Fitness Blastoff BASH is back on Saturday 7 April - join us for what will be a BLAST and a Bad n Bashy time!

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