As more and more entrepreneurs take their business online during the Covid-19 crisis, one is finding new ways to cater to the dance fitness community during this difficult time. Selena, Founder of Fitness Blastoff, delivered her dance fitness party experience on Instagram Live on Saturday 11 April, bringing together ten instructors and over 1,000 participants - to turn their workout into a house party.

An event was originally planned for Saturday 4th April, with more than 200 participants already booked to take part. However, with the current COVID-19 crisis putting the UK into temporary lockdown, it was impossible for this to take place in person. Undeterred, Selena ran the event online – bringing together TOP dance fitness instructors in both London and Dubai to deliver the Fitness Blastoff event all day. Participants joined in for free, for a full-day of dance fitness sessions.

Under normal circumstances, the event is run throughout the year, in London and most recently in Dubai. The events are designed to turn people’s workout into a party and help attendees approach fitness with a new spirit of fun and adventure, taking place across some of the finest gig spaces and nightclubs. Taking full advantage of the roomy venues, live DJ sets and high-tech lighting, there’s normally space for around 200-300 people to have fun and get an effective workout in the process.

Run through Instagram Live, each instructor took over the Fitness Blastoff account, on the hour to deliver bite-sized sessions throughout the day from 11am until 9pm. The classes focused on simple dance fitness moves choreographed to upbeat party tracks spanning UK Garage, Reggaeton, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and more.

This new tech-savvy move is only in its early days, but Selena says that the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, adding, “People have really welcomed the action, and the feedback has been phenomenal with participants going as far as filming themselves taking part in some of the workouts and sharing it on their Instagram page

The success of these sessions proves that people can turn their workout into a fun house party, and still get all the health benefits of keeping fit. It’s also a chance to try something new without too much commitment, and with so many people stuck indoors in uncertain times, this approach has proven incredibly popular.

Not only are these bite-size digital classes ideal for ongoing fans, but they also gave anyone interested in setting a new fitness goal the chance to try something new, giving them the opportunity to find out more about the Fitness Blastoff free of charge and with no added commitment.

In addition to this, Selena also ran a free 90-min dance fitness class using Zoom to raise funds for the Maudsley Charities COVID-19 emergency appeal.

Based in South East London, the work of Maudsley Charity directly impacts Selena’s home borough, giving her the chance to see the good work being done in real time. The event had more than 40 participants and raised over £200, a sum which will help make life a little easier for NHS staff and patients at this difficult time.

With people self-isolating and working from home, it’s more important than ever to be active, keep uplifted, to support the community and to stay connected” says Selena. “Although my events are usually in person, I wanted to continue organising fun dance fitness sessions to help towards those missions. So like other fitness professionals, entrepreneurs and event planners, I have moved to the digital world to hold regular online sessions.

Find out more and discover upcoming online events and classes.


The lineup for the next Fitness Blastoff London event is looking HOT! There will be 8 dance fitness instructors delivering the BEST dance fitness workouts in a nightclub atmosphere. Plus we got DJ Bam Bam Boogie on the decks spinning UPBEAT tracks. It's going to be INCREDIBLE! If you missed the instructor announcements on Instagram then here they all are for you, collated into one blog! Have fun reading more about each instructor and what they plan to bring to the event.

Natalie Remee presenting Soca

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Kwaku Agyemang presenting Afrobeats

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Faye Edwards presenting UK Garage

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Marta Salcedo presenting Reggaeton

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Miss Rose presenting Dancehall Steps

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Karla Richards presenting Funky House

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Naomi Czuba presenting Hip-Hop

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Bam Bam Boogie presenting Trap n Twerk and live DJ

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Get involved in the conversation on Instagram and if you haven't already, then book your ticket before they all go.


Working out is fun but when you add upbeat music and party vibes to the mix, then you know it's going to be the BEST workout ever!

That is why I am so excited to tell you that tickets for the next BIG Fitness Blastoff party experience are released.

The event will be held on Saturday 4th April 2020 at 229 the venue in Great Portland Street from 12pm - 6pm. Pssshhh, talk about a long day BUT trust me, it will not feel like it at all. The beauty of the Fitness Blastoff is that you can take part in as little or as many of the sessions as you feel like. To be honest, the music, the vibes and the instructors are all so amazing that it'll get to 5pm and you'll still be shaking your tail-feather

Anyhow, if you want to still keep up with your fitness goals in April, then you can surely treat yourself to this FABULOUS combo of dance, working out, music and partying. It will feel like a night out instead of a work out. You'll leave wanting more - guaranteed! One of our regular attendees, Katrina, did almost 10,000 steps at the April 2019 event [see below] and she left early - imagine how many steps you can achieve by completing the whole event? Plus, you'll be burning up to or maybe even more than 1,000 calories - AND you don't have to do a soul crushing hour on the treadmill to get there. It's all fun vibes!

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A limited amount of super early bird tickets are on sale! Once these are sold out, then the ticket prices will gradually increase.

Be sure to get your crew ready and get those tickets booked.

Looking forward to seeing you there already.

Selena xx


The Fitness Blastoff is back in London this April 2020!

Whether you're looking to learn new dance styles, find a different way to keep active or to just have fun whilst keeping fit, join the Fitness Blastoff and some of the best dance fitness instructors in the dance fitness industry for an afternoon of club-like party workout sessions.

The event will take place on Saturday 4th April 2020 from 12pm to 6pm at 229 the venue in Great Portland Street. The venue is a live music gig venue right in the heart of Central London.

We aim to show you fun ways that you can keep active and will teach you how to improve your fitness levels in a party and event format.

The Fitness Blastoff is a dance fitness party experience. It comes with a live DJ and a range of dance fitness instructors leading workouts to the music you would rave to including Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, House and more! Set in a club-like atmosphere with disco lights and loud music - it's the perfect way to get fit and party at the same time.

Preparations for the next event is currently underway, in the meantime, get your fitness crew ready and be sure to keep an eye out for early bird tickets coming soon!


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So on Saturday 9th November 2019, I held a Fitness Blastoff event in DUBAI! This is the first time I have taken the event somewhere else in the 6 years I have been organising it and I am actually still buzzing from this experience. It is something I have been thinking of doing for a while now and glad that I took the plunge and made it happened!

Over 40 ladies and a few gents completed a 4-hour marathon of dance fitness workouts with some of Dubai's TOP instructors for the first Fitness Blastoff event in Dubai.

The classes included Reggaeton, Afro Fit, GROOV3 Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop Cardio, Afro dance, funky fit and I brought the Caribbean dance fitness flavour!

The water sponsors, Monviso, came with a fridge filled with hundreds of bottles of water to keep attendees hydrated.

I was also trying to secure a juice vendor for the event and so, was grateful when Sarah from Tonic Juice Bar got in touch with me a few weeks before the event, asking if her team could come along and provide healthy juices and smoothies. Yes please!

To top it off, all the instructors were AMAZING and brought incredible energy and vibes to their session. DJ Rasdru kept the party atmosphere going with upbeat music and those great DJ sound effects!

Overall it was a smooth event and I definitely look forward to bringing the Fitness Blastoff back to Dubai next year.

The Fitness Blastoff is a dance fitness party experience. It's all about turning workouts into a proper party. It's set in a nightclub environment with club lighting effects, a live DJ spinning loud party tracks and instructors leading simple and fun, party workouts. After many successful events in London, I'm now branching out to spread the Fitness Blastoff love.

So, apart from London, who knows what other city it'll end up in next, but watch this space!

Not only have I brought the event to another city BUT I also had the opportunity to lead a workout session for the Dubai Fitness Challenge on the beach and on the main stage with over 70 people participating. Something, I never expected to do. But when you do new things and start stepping out of your comfort zone, I believe opportunities do start showing up even more.

The world is an AMAZING place filled with so many positive opportunities. If this has taught me anything, it's to take chances and do things that are out of our comfort zones as you have the opportunity to take part in things you've never done before which will help you learn and grow. That can only be a good thing right?

Watch the event highlight video from Fitness Blastoff Dubai on Instagram below.


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50So you attend dance fitness classes at your local gym or studio - BUT - you have never attended a dance fitness party. You've heard about the Fitness Blastoff and want to know why you should attend? Well, here are six reasons why you need to attend this unique dance fitness party - see below.

It will give you that PARTY feeling

When you step into a Fitness Blastoff experience, you will feel like you are stepping into a live music gig or a nightclub. Imagine a dimly-lit or a darkened room with club-lighting effects, glitter and loud music with pure bass! It's a REAL part-ayyyy!

There is a LIVE DJ

We need more than a Spotify playlist at the Fitness Blastoff. Our resident DJ will keep the tracks spinning and keep you moving and grooving to the BEST beats that you'd hear on a night out. Be ready to hear songs that will make you feel energised, happy and ready to party!

You will LOVE the music

You get to dance and workout to the music you'd usually hear on a night out at a trendy West-End nightclub or a buzzing Shoreditch bar! You will find genres of music from Dancehall and Soca to Hip-Hop and 90s Garage. There's a great playlist for a variety of people.

You will learn new dance fitness workouts

So that you have a great workout, there are professional dance fitness instructors who take centre stage to deliver party workouts. They will take you through simple dance fitness workout. It doesn't matter if you THINK you have two-left feet - as long as you can move, you can dance. As soon as the music plays, you will lose yourself in the music. The instructors make each session fun with their vibrant personality and great moves. Not only will you have an amazing workout, but you'll learn a few new dance moves in the process.

You will make a new friend

We are a friendly bunch! It doesn't matter if you come with friends or by yourself, the room is filled with fun-loving people who want to dance, workout and party as much as you do. You will surely meet like-minded friendly folks!

Burn calories

Did you know that you can burn up to 1000 calories at the Fitness Blastoff event? You will take part in fun, total body workouts. But guess what? It doesn't feel like a workout. So you'll be staying fit, burning calories whilst doing something you love.


Then join us for the next event! We'll be dancing, working out and partying on Saturday 5 October 2019 at The Omeara from 12pm - 5pm!


Updated: Jul 22, 2019

This summer, Fitness Blastoff will be bringing you another BIG dance fitness party experience. This time the event theme is Dancehall vs Soca, happening on Saturday 3 August in Central London. The month of August will be hot and tropical, just like the two genres of music we'll be working out to. So if you want to burn calories, Caribbean style, here's why you can't miss it.


What's the Fitness Blastoff?
The Fitness Blastoff is a dance fitness party experience which takes place throughout the year in London. We collaborate with the best dance fitness instructors and DJs, to turn your workout into a party. The event attracts hundreds of individuals who want to dance, have fun and workout in state-of-the-art music venues. Please note that the age range to attend is 16 and over.


Here's a snippet of what went down at one of the previous events. Watch the video to get in the mood for the next one.


The Fitness Blastoff is more than just a fitness party. It prides itself on bringing you a unique dance and fitness experience. The whole structure and setup of the event will make you realise, that being active and exercise, can actually be lots of fun!

Where will it be?The event will take place at 229 the venue in Great Portland Street, Central London on Saturday 3 August. It's an events space hosting everything we need to turn your workout into a party.

Who's presenting?The event collaborates with and hosts some of the best dance fitness instructors. These instructors have years of experience in delivering amazing dance fitness sessions. They also come with great energy to keep your motivation levels up. Confirmed presenters are:

What people say about Fitness Blastoff events?

Why you should attend?

You should attend if you:

I want to attend!That's great to hear! Makesure you grab yourself a ticket today.


Do you know what helps to really make the Fitness Blastoff fun? It's the dance fitness instructors and the energy they bring to the event. Excited to announce that all dance fitness instructors have been confirmed for the Dancehall vs Soca dance fitness event on Saturday 3 August and they are all great in their own way. Find out more about these leading and lively instructors below and what they'll bring to the event.

Meet Natalie Remme

This FIT QUEEN is a Personal Trainer, a Fitness Presenter, the QUEEN of abs, a Mum of 2 beautiful children and she LOVES to lift - I mean, just check out that body of hers! She is passionate about fitness and group exercise and we are excited that she will be joining the Fitness Blastoff Dancehall vs Soca dance fitness party on Saturday 3 August. Natalie will deliver a high-energy Soca fitness workout. Get ready to really burn those calories in this total body workout to some upbeat soca tunes!

Meet Faye Edwards

Another FIT QUEEN who lives and breathes anything dance and fitness. Faye is a Group Exercise Manager for Third Space, a TOP Fitness Presenter and Personal Trainer! She is also the creator of her own dance fitness brand called, F.I.T JAM, a fun dance concept to a range of music. She'll be running the second Soca dance fitness session at the Fitness Blastoff event on Saturday 3 August. Faye's session will get you ready for carnival, so get ready to shake your hips and whine your waist like a carnival and Caribbean queen to upbeat Soca and Calypso classics!

Meet Fresh Az Ice

Fresh Az Ice are a Jamaican Dancehall dance group based in South London who come with their own LIVE DANCEHALL DJ. They are passionate about their culture and currently spread their love of Dancehall music and moves through their weekly classes and at events across London. Both Ashdon and Miss Rose from Fresh Az Ice, will deliver an upbeat Dancehall steps session at the Fitness Blastoff event on Saturday 3 August. This steps class will focus on popular dance moves from the midskool and new skool dancehall era. Trust me, it's a total body workout and will have you moving like you're at one of those Jamaican street parties. So if you love dancehall and want to learn the popular party dancehall steps, put your foot on the gas and get there. Let's ROCK DI WORLD together!

Meet Jess Baddie

Jessica, known as JESS BADDIE, is a professional dancehall dancer, choreographer and model all the way from Italy. She is passionate about dance and regularly travels to Jamaica and Africa to not only soak up the sun, but to soak in their vibes, dance grooves and flow. You'll find Jessie teaching in London every week as well as performing at a number of events nationally and internationally. On Saturday 3 August at our next event, Jess Baddie will be leading the second Dancehall session. She'll deliver a BADASS Dancehall female steps session. So get ready to express your sensuality and femininity whilst having a BLAST to party and club-like dancehall bangers! So, if you're ready to WINE TO DI TOP and do the ONE DROP, then come and join in!

In addition to these amazing dance fitness instructors, there will also be a glitter station, a LIVE DJ and a fun freestyle session.

Remember that there are only a limited amount of tickets left, be sure to grab yours soon before they are all gone!


We are delighted to welcome back Dancehall dance crew, Fresh Az Ice, who will bring Dancehall fitness party vibes to our next event on Saturday 6 April.


Fresh Az Ice is a dancehall dance crew with up to six members. Two of those members, Ashdon and Miss Rose, have been delivering Dancehall dance fitness sessions at our last few events. Their dance crew also comes with their own DJ and they host weekly classes in South East London for those who like their weekly dancehall class fix.


"I absolutely love having both Miss Rose and Ashdon at the Fitness Blastoff! They are the perfect duo and always come to each event with pure energy, proper Jamaican party vibes and most importantly, popular party moves you'll find in a Dancehall rave" says Selena. "The moves are very simple to do and they always break it down and explain what they are doing so that attendees who may not have participated in such a routine before, can easily follow. I'm really excited to see what new moves they have for the next event"


If you love dancehall and want to learn how to do some of the most popular dancehall dance moves, then you can catch Fresh Az Ice at the next event on Saturday 6 April.



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The fabulous Faye Edwards has been confirmed as one of the presenters leading her F.I.T JAM UK Garage session at the next Fitness Blastoff event on Saturday 6 April.

Faye is a fitness presenter and the creator of her dance fitness concept, F.I.T JAM. She has a huge passion for fitness and dance and you'll find her popping up at various well-known fitness events, weekenders and sessions across the UK and Europe.

"Faye is a great presenter for the Fitness Blastoff. She's been with the event for over 3 years and we love her energy, charisma and workouts. Her routines are always broken down so that it's easy to follow and then attendees enjoy ending her session with the full routine" Says Selena, Fitness Blastoff Founder.

If you want to make your body groove, then join in Faye's F.I.T JAM session, UK Garage style, at the event on Saturday 6 April.

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